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's environment ministry are trying to protect people from pollution blowing into china. they have set new guidelines on how and when to issue warnings. people in a number of chinese cities are dealing with smog for weeks. factories and cars are belting out a new pollutant, pn 25. it can cause bronchitis and asthma. warnings will be issued when pm 2.5 could reach 70 micrograms per cubic meter of air. when that happens, the officials say they will tell people to stay indoors and shut their windows. they say children, the elderly, and people with asthma should be especially cautious at any time. these people may be affected by even low levels of pollution. officials plan to notify local governments of the new guidelines this week. >>> state-run media in china are reporting the nation's first aircraft carrier has arrived at its permanent home. the ship is docked in shandong province, where the chinese navy's northern fleet is located. military authorities bought the scrapped soviet-era carrier and had it renovated in the eastern city of dalia. it has been tested at sea on a number of occasion
sweating the jpm program. but captain jamie dimon got that moby sucker. how about china? how about china? another reason we got crushed was china. aren't we petrify thad china is stalled. break down the handbook here, and china stalled, that means commodities stalled, which means the strength is khmer call. i told you we want to listen to michael sutherland, the biggest pure play in mining equipment. china coming on strong, a demand for commodities around the globe. another issue neutered by today's evidence. but isn't the consumer -- i got the whole litany, isn't the consumer tapped out by higher gasoline prices? by the end of the payroll tax holiday, by increased taxes for the rich. by the bad weather lately. i don't know, but newly created gatsby index was on fire. dollar tree, and great gatsby nick caraway. and how about the all-time high, home depot. three-point jump macy's moving up another buck and walmart continuing to run, despite endless attempts by portraying the company having a dim view of the future. something by the end of the show saying jcpenney stinks, oh, i threw that
. china's securities regulator issued a draft to allow more brokerages to expand asset-backed securities businesses. also, there are reports that beijing will soon allow resident in hong kong and taiwan to invest in the mainland's a shares, boosting market liquidity. meanwhile, shares in hong kong bounced off its two-month low, up .25%. aia shares added over 4% after posting an 89% jump in 2012 profit. the property counter also lent support while hong kong's government pledged more public housing and lends supply to home affordability. another lackluster session in japan after yesterday's over 2% tumble. the nikkei lost 1.3%. financials led the renewals on losses and worries. a stronger yen sent exporter stocks lower. cannon slipped nearly 3% despite the camera maker forecasting that 7% to 8% growth for 2013 sales. elsewhere, the kospi ended marginally in the green, up .2%. south korean automakers drove higher thanks to the yen's regained strength. hyundai added .7%. while the company agreed to set fuel economy cases in the u.s., although the amount is not disclosed. meanwhile, australia
one big subsidies to keep rolling in, and another subsidy could be sold to china. next, a senator trying to put a stop to all of that. ♪ [ woman ] if you hav the audacity to believe your financial advisor should focus on your long-term goals, not their short-term agenda. [ male announcer ] join the nearly 7 million investors who think like you do. face time and think time make a difference. at edward jones, it's how we make sense of investing. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day afr day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] e pill eachmorning. 24 hours. zero heartbur gerri: is taxpayer money about to be driven to china? it may happen if embattled electric car maker is sold to a chinese company making the second taxpayer backed green energy companyold to china in recent months. with more on this, republican senator chuck grassley of iowa. wh gives here? why are we allowing this to happen? gerri, very good question. and i
. >>> all right. are you frustrated with your airline? in china, this guy went out of control. now it's gone viral. that's next. with angie's list, i know who to call, and i know the results will be fantastic. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. something this delicious could only come from nature. new nectresse. the 100% natural no-calorie sweetener made from the goodness of fruit. new nectresse. sweetness naturally. [ children laughing ] ♪ ...is the smell of salt in the air. ♪ it's the sound a seashell makes. [ seagulls calling ] away...is a place that's beyond your imagination, yet well within your means. find your away. for a dealer and the rv that's right for you, visit gorving.com. >>> we'll take you to shanghai after a man went nuts. >> he was ripping out computers and trying to smash doors. jeanne moos has that story. >> reporter: fasten your seat belt. chinese executive traveling with his family missed not one but two flights and when he, his wife, and two sons weren't allowed to board after missing the second flight's boarding announcement, what went flying was computer equi
years. blue prints were unveiled at a new york museum. it will be built in china. 40,000 peep have expressed interest in buying tickets. they will dress in period costumes and dine from the same menu. palmer said apparently, with a straight face that one of the benefits of global warming is that there are not as many icebergs in the north atlantic and he promises to have enough life boats. >> two officers shot? san tan cruise, we will go back to breaking news after the break. >> an update on the breaking news, live scenes, live pictures from the nbc chopper. two officers have been shot and taken to the hospital, no word on their conditions. there are reports that a third person may have also been shot of course it looks like they have brought in an armored vehicle. it happened not far from the santa cruz board walk. the man hunt is on for the suspect. if fbi has now joined in on the man hunt. we will have the latest coming up. see you then. thanks. >>> on our broadcast tonight, ready or not. we're now within 72 hours of those drastic budget cuts across the american economy, and the
are being sent to china through fake marriages. vietnamese officials report brokers for prostitution and forced lorse more sophisticated cunning tricks that make the true situation difficult to assess. the representatives recognize the need to crack down on trafficking rings and help victims return to their countries. they also acknowledge the importance of closer international cooperation. >> translator: more people are crossing borders in the region. so i believe it is very important for to us cooperate, to build a legal framework to prevent human trafficking. >> asean plans to form an economic community by 2015 which is sure to increase cross-border economic trade. member countries hope to have human trafficking countermeasures in place as soon as possible. >>> myanmar is home to more than 130 ethnic groups. one japanese photographer has dedicated himself to documenting minority groups in the country. now he's sharing his photo collection with the public. nhk world's toshiyuki terazawa >> reporter: the pplesn the title of ts photo book refers to the diverse ethnic groups in myanma
shift, what it calls it pivot to asia, as a response to the rise of china. >> the implications in europe for just as profound. many feared it was just as much a pivot away from old allies. >> john kerry is saying europe is more important than ever. here's more on the state a transatlantic ties. >> it is a love affair that spans the atlantic -- americans cannot get enough of german cars. sales are surging, exports are rising, and german car makers now operate their own plants in the u.s. like this one in tennessee. then there are political relations. chancellor merkel and president obama are said to be cordial with one another but not close. what there is, though, is in recognition of the need to work together. >> on both sides of the atlanta, there is a realization that we are not as strong as we thought we were. but the u.s. and europe have been weakened by the financial crisis, and that has led to the conclusion that we need to do more to grow stronger together. >> president obama has sought to allay fears among europeans that he couldn't let them in favor of asia. in his recent state
in china took it to the next level. take a look at this freakout. top level government official and his family missed their flight not once, but twice. when the flight crew wouldn't let them board he smashed computer equipment and tried to bash in a gate door. he has since apologized and police are now investigating. >> where was security when this was going on? >> you feel for his frustration, but it is a little extreme. >> you do feel for his fuse station. frustration. >>> and let's talk about the forecast. changes coming in the weather. >> sandhya patel is here. >> it is going to be warmer and then we should see some rain. as you look at the wayneing -- the moon it is 90% full. visibility gave us this beautiful shot. and thousand let's check out live doppler 7hd and you will see a few clouds patsing through. passing through. we are seeing a few clouds off the coastline here. no rain being detected by our radar, but that may be changing. extra clouds coming your way on thursday and it is spring-like warmth for friday. we will see temperatures getting into the mid70s in the warmest inl
to the airport can be nerve wracking for anyone but a government official in china took it to a new level. check out this flight video on youtube, a top level government official and the family missed their flight not once, but twice, when the flight crew would not let them board the official smash computer equipment and they tried to bash in a gate door. police were called and he was arrested. he has since apologized but police are still considering charges. >> so it is not just here at american airports where you see air rage. >> people behaving badly. >> nice bangs. >> you noticeed! >> now the forecast. mike? >> live doppler 7 hd shows across the entire state, nevada, arizona, utah, part of oregon, everyone is dry this morning. if you are headed out watch out for the cloud cover that is moving in, a sprinkle is trying to november at 54 today, and we will have mid-60's to 70 from chico, sacramento and frees me and high clouds and sunshine at monterey at 61. and no snow in yosemite and low-to-mid 70's around palm springs and san diego. >> back to the bay bridge toll plaza it is looking light ou
to the airport can be nerve wracking for all of us but a government official in china took it to a new level. the freak out on youtube, a top level government official and family in china missed the flight not once but twice when the flight crew would not let them board, the official smash computer equipment and tried to bash in a gate door. he was arrested. he has apologized but police are still considering charges. got to wonder if he will get to keep his post. >> you do have to wonder about that. >> now the weather forecast. what are you wondering about? >> if this is any reason to get worked up today. >> here is san jose this morning, you can see clear sky over san jose and the temperatures today will be just a little bit cooler than yesterday by two degrees and that is the trend with the extra cloud cover at one to four degrees cooler. we are looking at live doppler 7 hd and the surrounding radar covering the state and you can see a spring el near eureka and the increasing clouds. mid-60's at chico to 70 in fresno and 49 at tahoe. safe travels. sue? >> we have issues on the roadways but
. yes the ship is already under construction in china. it is expected to sail in 2016. liz: i'm not on it. go off the desk and waco, texas where a football player found a part-time job. nfl running back terrence ganaway was board. the manager of jim any john's gave him a job. he earned $390,000 a year last year. he is working for $7.50 an hour until training camp starts. david: if you need it, instead of going on any kind of assistance you work for it. the number one thing to watch tomorrow will be second reading of fourth quarter gdp. economists expect a reading of .5%. following a initial reading of negative .1%. this reading would be far below 3.1% growth we saw in the third quarter. liz: have a great evening. "money" with dennis kneale is next. david: homes for heroes. >> i'm dennis kneale in for the irrepressable melissa francis. here is what is money tonight. it is code red for the meat industry. possible widespread beef shortage. are the fears overblown? secretary of agriculture tom vilsack joins to us respond. >>> president obama wants $50 billion in fresh stimulus. co
, a political advisor in china just lost it right in the middle of an airport security checkpoint. take a look at this. his temper tantrum was caught on tape. he trashed a boarding area after he and his family missed two flights. when he couldn't breakthrough the glass doors, he slammed the sign on the desk. and he has since apologized which he should, right? >> i guess. >> i think we have all wanted to do this but never -- >> we're all very smart. >> exactly. >>> well, you will be able to take a cruise on the titanic in just a few years. an australian billionaire is planning to build a new version of the ship that sank almost 101 years ago after hitting an iceberg in the north atlantic. he said construction will start soon in china. the maiden voyage will be 2016 on the same route as the original titanic. i think this could be very popular. >> i think the guy's a genius because with the movie and all the hoopla surrounding that ship -- >> woo take that trip? >> people are already lining up to pay a million dollars for the upper cabins. he alread
tantrum in the middle of an airport security checkpoint in china. >>> travel is stressful but check out this grown man's temper tantrum in the middle of an airport security checkpoints. this is in china. he is not going to take it anymore! chinese official completely lost it trashed a boarding area after he and his family missed not one but two flights and when he couldn't breakthrough the glass door he slammed the sign on the desk. he since apologized but now is a youtube sensation. >> he was a little angry there. >>> congressional republicans and democrats still are miles away interest a deal to ad volunteer $85 billion in automatic spending cuts. those cuts will take effect less than two days from now unless there is a last-minute agreement. >> we should not have move a third bill before the senate gets off their ass and begins to do something. >> i think he should understand who is sitting on their posterior. we're doing our best here to pass something. the speaker is doing nothing. >> in california, some fiscal experts predict the cuts will cos
strong sales growth in china and its focus on making great products, but apple didn't really discuss what it will do with its $137 billion in cash that it has on its books keeping many investors wondering if an increase in dividend or a share repurchase is in the near future. the stock ending the day in near territory. >> let's get more perspective from the apple experts. ron winier owns 37,000 shares of apple. gentlemen, good to see you on the program. thanks so much for joining us. >> do you buy it? >> yeah. i do buy it. i think today was a non-event, and i think that's maybe why the stock is down, but i do think apple is a shareholder friendly company. if you look at the dividend deal almost 2.5% and it's far greater than a lot of it in the space and i think investors need to keep in mind it was march of last year that they declared for the first time and give apple some time and i think we'll get further return of cash to share holders. >> ron, what do you think? want apple to move away from the extreme cash position so what's your reaction to the lack of news of a diffident increase
a trip to the a nerve-wracking experience, but a government official in china took it to the next level. take a look at this freakout. top level government official and his family missed their flight not once, but twice. when the flight crew wouldn't let them board he smashed computer equipment and tried to bash in a gate door. he has since apologized and police are now investigating. >> where was security when this was going on? >> you feel for his frustration, but it is a little extreme. >> you do feel for his fuse station. frustration. >>> and let's talk about the forecast. changes coming in the weather. >> sandhya patel is here. >> it is going to be warmer and then we should see some rain. as you look at the wayneing -- the moon it is 90% full. visibility gave us this beautiful shot. and thousand let's check out live doppler 7hd and you will see a few clouds patsing through. passing through. we are seeing a few clouds off the coastline here. no rain being detected by our radar, but that may be changing. extra clouds coming your way on thursday and it is spring-like warmth for friday
is imported from china. we can--you know, it was a perfect window, we thought, to be able to provide a fresh organic product. san francisco is a very nice niche market for organic, sustainable products. and we thought that would be a good market to take advantage of. >> they grow everything from oysters to shiitakes to king trumpets to even something called a bear's head. and it all starts with bricks made of a blend of sawdust and rice bran that are filled into plastic bags. the bags are then carted into a high-pressure steam treatment and then taken into a clean filtered-air room where workers treat the bags with care as they introduce them to fungi spawn. after a primary growing period of 4-12 weeks, they are then taken to their private rooms to grow for another couple of weeks, depending on the variety, and then they are harvested. >> each crop is about 3/4 to a pound. and they're picked not necessarily by size but by maturity. when the mushroom's veil starts separating from the stem, or when the cap is slightly curled and the gills are all white, this is the time that the mushroom is cu
shipping our jobs to china and other countries, they're stacking their profits in the cayman islands, bermuda, other tax havens, and avoiding their responsibilities a taxpayers. offshore tax schemes have become so absurd that one five-story office building in the cayman islands is now the home to more than 18,000 corporations. one building, and everybody knows what that is all about. all that is is a maildrop for corporations. they don't exist there. they just use that address as a means to avoid paying taxes to the united states and other countries. let me just give you a few examples of some of these large corporations and what they have done to avoid paying american taxes, at a time when revenue today as a percentage of g.d.p. is almost the lowest that it has been in decades. so the choice is, you cut social security, medicare, medicaid, or do you ask enormously profitable corporations to stop using loopholes-to-a void paying taxes? just a few examples. i can give you many. in 2010, the bank of america, one of the largest financial institutions in this country, an institution bail
plays. and we start warming up to china again, with the change of government. this march -- i'm very excited. >> march is coming up. the joy global point leads us to why copper and gold and crude have not kept pace, jim, with what equities have done so far this year. >> i know. copper is a conundrum. everybody wants to see copper go up. the day rate has been fixed at the 790 level forever. copper has always been an important buffer. there's also an etf trying to put together for copper. that would use more than the largest copper mine. it would be taken up by this etf. so the cross currency, again, i find are mixed, mixed, mixed. i think that's why it's so hard for people. i like the fact that lumber is doing great. so you can go and make a bet on lumber. then i come back and say, wait a second, if gasoline goes higher, won't they stop going? i mean, we've got to get gasoline lower. but there's no initiatives in that margin. >> unleaded, up again. >> isn't it something? >> unstoppable. >> it does seem unstoppable. even though oil goes down because of the weaker area oh, the stronger
, right to work states or not. do you have a strong future here as opposed to china or someplace else? >> well, you have the chinese government that's supporting all their manufacturing. you didn't start losing manufacturing until a democrat, president clinton, and then you had companies that rushed for the cheap. stuart: but you don't want to have the american government support american manufacturers to keep jobs here, or do you? >> i do. trade policies, fair trade, i can't ship tires to china without paying a duty. i can't ship them to brazil. you can't ship. it is the same all over. if you are going to charge me -- you want fair trade? if they charge duty, we charge a duty. otherwise you put with american workers. stuart: the chinese tires come to america duty free? >> they were. and we sued. i have to go to washington. you have to hire the lawyers. pay 7 million. and then we have a trial. we prove it. so they slapped the duties on. stuart: what do you make of the state of america's economy? we have been talking this morning that it is the wal-mart economy, slow growth, high tax,
control laws with foreign governments such as china. the roar of this modified german fighter jet taking off and landing at nasa ames field has prompted a roar of outrage about the deal that allows this and five other private airplanes to be based here at nasa ames by a company h-211 named after the hangar they are housed. the owners are the principles of google which coincidentally has its headquarters just blocks away. we are asking some simple questions. after analyzing most of the flights into and out of move fet field which showed less than 15% of those flights were for scientific purposes, iowa senator charles grassley sent a letter to nasa demanding answers but got few. >> why all the stonewalling then? the more stonewalling you get, then the more you wonder, well, it makes you more crazy than ever to get to the bottom of it because maybe this is a big thing. i don't think it needs to be a big thing. it may not be a big thing. the fact they are answering our questions makes you wonder what's up? are they trying to cover up something in. >> reporter: now nasa's own inspector genera
into office, he has to deal with cyberattacks for china, we don't have plain for that, we have to get out of afghanistan, we have to fight our way out, and they don't want to to stay, and he has to deal with a nuclear, ran and starting friday, cut defense budget. lori: let's go to homegrown terrorist question, do you think this is a significant problem? were you surprised at the findings? >> in some ways we've seen this coming. we've seen american citizens and people in our own military participate ii the terrorist attacks that seem at very least inspired by al qaeda, the issue is if we'll have a free society with internet and global communication, that means for a fringe loner subset they will be vulner table. so far, i think we've been lucky given all; that but it is a really nasty problem, and a tough problem in a civil liberties perspective. lori: that is where we have to leave it, kt specially than and. lori: dennis rodman is playing ambassador behind communist enemy lines. >> and first lady is a slip of the tongue on national tv, but the mainstream media makes sure it never hits ai
on the balloon, 21 people on board. 19 dead. some from britain, france, china, other places. the pilot is one of the people who survived. he survived by jumping off at some point there and ending up in that sugar cane field. you can believe as the investigation begins by the egyptians right now that is the man they want to talk to. as of now all of these balloon flights which this h. been a major tourist attraction there in egypt are grounded. shep? >> shepard: with the investigation the finger pointing already. >> absolutely. and in egypt this is a significant story for no other reason than tourism is the life blood of that economy. it took a big hit back during the revolution in 2011. you can imagine now as these pictures are being beamed around the world it certainly calls into question the safety standards there in egypt for anybody who is headed. the muslim brotherhood regime right now is saying, hey, look. all of these safety concerns in that lax oversight started back during the mubarak times. other people are saying the chaos of the revolution has allowed all sort of back safety pract
diplomacy. china's president, ung is said to be a fan of rodman's exteam, the bulls. >>> the pacers get george a little physical. trying to keep the warriors in it. the magic touch of curry. bombing away from outside. he had 38 points. he had seven threes. you will see his touch again as he works for a shot with the nifty double. but west and company a little too much. you will see west gets it to go underneath then it was all the extra stuff we were talking about. the fireworks, you will see david lee gets pushed by hibart underneath. then it's mix it up time. it's hibart who ends up getting ejected. seemed to me curry was just trying to break things up but he gets hit with a technical. west did adds well. the warriors still on the short end. 108-97. >>> the puck was finding the net with every sharks flick of the wrist in their first seven games of perfection this season over the last 10 games, somebody has put i don't know some kind of invisible shield in front of that thing. hard to come by. the scoring from a new source as the sharks get it with t.j. galliardy. his first goal with a
with a very strict dress code. he and members of the globe trotters are there for basketball diplomacy. china's president, ung is said to be a fan of rodman's exteam, the bulls. >>> the pacers get george a little physical. trying to keep the warriors in it. the magic touch of curry. bombing away from outside. he had 38 points. he had seven threes. you will see his touch again as he works for a shot with the nifty double. but west and company a little too much. you will see west gets it to go underneath then it was all the extra stuff we were talking about. the fireworks, you will see david lee gets pushed by hibart underneath. then it's mix it up time. it's hibart who ends up getting ejected. seemed to me curry was just trying to break things up but he gets hit with a technical. west did adds well. the warriors still on the short end. 108-97. >>> the puck was finding the net with every sharks flick of the wrist in their first seven games of perfection this season over the last 10 games, somebody has put i don't know some kind of invisible shield in front of that thing. hard to come by. the sc
domestically? >> we could have a long discussion about asia. there's a lot of controversy about how china is and what is the underlying strength of china. >> housing comes back here, better but doing better on a lot of fronts but we need trading partners. >> we need consumption of emerging markets to pick up. >> it won't be europe. >> we need asia and latin america. we need those guys to pick up. these things are all linked. if china doesn't pick up more meaningfully, there's the spillover back to brazil, spi spillover to all, spillover to commodity exporters relying on china. it is -- you know, it's interesting all of them have been revising global growth down not up. >> in italy, i feel bad for the italian people, their wealthy has not increased and losing pace with the rest of the world. it doesn't matter to me italy hasn't grown the last 20 years. it didn't need to grow. a perfect place. >> it's a good place and political dysfunction is something that's been around 60, 70 years. the pasta is still good. >> not quite as rich but looking out at the most beautif beautiful -- right, your
with a loss of nearly 1%. china and new zealand were the biggest winners gaining nearly .9%. >>> many investors were encouraged after ben bernanke gave until signs the fed would change its policies. bernanke gave his report to congress. forced budget cuts would show the u.s. economic growth. and the interest rate policies are critical to support the economy. now his comments helped u.s. markets rebound after their worst decline of the year. dow managing to gain -- and right now the futures indicate slightly higher opening. boy they have fluctuated and have not always been a good indication. >>> still talking about the oscars. the host of the oscars in hot water with california female lawmakers. what they are asking the academy to do to seth mcfarland. >>> hope for sacramento to keep the new kings. q >>> welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. 5:24 is the time. the city of sacramento is not giving up the on the kings. last night the city council member said he spoke with the minority owner of the basketball team. they are working on an alternative offer to buy the team and bui
. freelance journalist blogs the tweet sought to connect chao with loss of american jobs to china. representative for progress, kentucky, deny the tweets represent the official feeling of the group. the campaign manager calls the tweets blatant race baiting for political gain. today, the judge in the gulf oil spill trial watch video testimony from former v.p. chief hayward who faye lousily said after the explosion that killed 19 people, he would like to get his life back. hayward said in testimony that cost cutting at b.p. did not affect drilling operations. the supreme court heard arguments today on what is considered its biggest case of the current session. it involves whether part of america learned their lesson about the rights of minority voters. correspondent shannon bream explains. >> the voting rights act required a number of states and county with history of discrimination with minority voters to seek preclearance of the justice department or federal court based in washington before making any changes to the voting procedures. shelby county, argues much changed in the ens
% of all the catholics in the world. huge growth in africa and in china. that's why you see at least africa on the list of places -- [inaudible] a little over 72 hours now before the mandading cuts take e known as the sequester back here at home in our dome in washington, d.c. this morning. $85 billion in across-the-board cuts to the federal budget are about to kick in. several lawmaker including republican senator tome coburn have put forward a number of solutions that they say would make it easier to handle these cuts. neither the republicans or white house have agreed to any compromise on this thing. bill? bill: 48 hours, martha. martha: exactly. bill: we have numbers based on spending from the federal government. starting now in 2012, this is in trillions of dollars now. otherwise interpreted as thousands of billions. there are about 3.5, 3.6 trillion dollars in spending for 2012. under current law if you forecast that out over the next nine or ten years, the spending go to 5.5 trillion. the red line is the only amount of the sequester that is being considered. the green is still spendi
.s., britain, france, russia and china plus germany-- was catherine ashton of the european union. >> i hope that the iranian side are looking positively on the proposals that we've put forward. we work extremely hard in a very considered manner collectively on behalf of the united nations security council who mandate us to do so in order to try and get >> warner: far from almaty, secretary of state kerry said in paris that the talks had been useful, but he also reiterated the u.s. position. >> iran knows what it needs to do. the president has made clear his determination to implement his policy that iran will not have a nuclear weapon. >> warner: and in jerusalem, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu called again for the threat of military measures. >> i believe that this requires the international community to ratchet up its sanctions and make clear that if this continues there will be also a credible military sanction. i think no other means will make iran obey the wiss of the international community. >> warner: iran insists its nuclear program is for peaceful energy production, not
to the system and did so in a way i think we remember, nelson mandela said what happened in china when the man stood in front of the tank was a rosa parks moment. i think that captures it. jon: juan williams. fox news political analyst. we'll talk to you in a moment and we'll be right back eat good fats. avoid bad. don't go over 2000... 1200 calories a day. carbs are bad. carbs are good. the story keeps changing. so i'm not listening... to anyone but myself. i know better nutrition when i seet: great grains. great grains cereal stts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more processed flakes look nothing like natural grains. you can't argue th nutrition you can see. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself. to help support a healthy tabolism try new great grains protein blend in cinnamon hazelnut orhone. >> reporter: a brand-new hour and brand-new stories coming your way including illegal immigrants detained by the government being put back out on the streets. the feds say the sequester budget cuts make it impossible to house them. republicans aren't buying it. a live report strai
except the leaders of china and india rules over such a mass sf flock. we're going now to ben wedeman in vatican square for bring us some update and color from the people who are watching. >> i was here when pope john paul ii died in 2005 and it was a much different sort of atmosphere. this occasion, people are contemplating the last eight years of benedict xvi and appreciate what he accomplished and what still needs to be accomplish accomplished. there is an international audience here in the square. this is typical for the catholic church. very international body. now, we're joined now by sarah and shalan, students studying in rome. cause here to study architecture and you have this unique opportunity to see history in the making. >> it's amazing. i don't think anyone of us expected any of this to happen because it's such a limited opportunity. so it's amazing that we get to experience this. >> and what are your thoughts? >> well, we're kind of skipping class to be here, so sorry professors. this definitely took priority. all of our families back home are jealous that we got to be h
in factories in china, and the board of directors and management and shareholders. the issue a moment ago that tim cook brought up, what to do with $137 billion in cash that apple has on hand and mr. cook said he was disappointed with a court ruling in favor of david einhorn, mr. einhorn winning for the time being removal of the proposal to the shareholder, the board of directors going to put to a vote whether in the future the board never wanted to issue preferred shares that would let the shareholders make the ultimate decision to give them the vote, but the issue is removed but tim cook said and this was paraphrasing this is a time in the meeting i would have introduced item 2, we are committed to letting our shareholders vote on this proposal which in plain english mean this thing is not going away, it will come back as the board of directors tries to protect that $37 million, we spoke with a shareholder inside the meeting this says it is a good idea for the board to avoid issuing preferred shares and here is why he thinks that. >> apple wants to do whatever is necessary and they like
that the european countries have done a quantity tive easing, we have done it, china has done it, that the comprehensive -- competitive might vert away in terms of the international markets? >> you make a good point. the fed is not extraordinary. in terms of balance sheets, long-term interest rates we're similar to other countries. we don't view monetary policy aimed at domestic goals being a currency war. it is not like putting terrorist on your imports so ugg better thy neighbor. that is not what we're doing. all the major economies we have supported provide stimulus that is muchly beneficial. china depends on the u.s. as their export market and we too, depend on other countries for the market for our good. this is a positive-sum game not a zero-sum game. >> there were some concerns in the target of the yen being at 110 instead of 78 like it was 90 days ago or maybe longer. there is some concern that currencies can get out of balance and that can have a significant impact on trade. would you agree with that? there was some discussion in the press. >> there was discussion of the
an eye on china as well. it seems like the world has not gotten safer. the question to the navy and the other services, three simple questions. how do you decide the priorities that you are asked by the combatant commanders. these different missions. how do you make that decision in terms i priority when you only have limited access? also, are there areas of the world where cousins will be decreased because of this? and also, most importantly, what impact does this have on our national security and global security securities well? if you could address those and if anyone else would like to address it as well. >> the decision as to where we go is a debate, if you will, that we had with the joint staff and the secretary of defense. the outcome of that is my signal. this is what i have to to provide. it is called a global force management and allocation plan. it's where we distribute naval assets. what i've written, i have to be where the maritime crossroads are. that is in the strait of hormuz and the arabian gulf and the western pacific and down by the straits of malacca. so we d
on a replica of the famous cruiseliner "titanic." construction is under way in china and the first cruise has been set for 2016. among those sitting on the advisory board is helen benzinger, the great granddaughter of margaret molly brown, "titanic" survivor. >> she never finished the voyage. she always loves to finish what she started. >> i'm very excited about it, because it's all about love. >> 40,000 people have expressed interest in tickets for the maiden voyage, taking the original course from southhampton, england, to new york. couldn't possibly happen twice. >> it sounds eerily familiar. everybody wants to ride on that ship. >>> the world's largest beer producer, anheuser-busch, is facing a lawsuit filed by beer drinkers. it seeks millions of dollars and accuses the company of watering down budweiser and other brands. water is added cutting the alcohol contempt significantly. the company calls the suit groundless. >> i'm outraged. do not water down my always watery beer. >> or my maker's abuse. >> america will not stand for alcohol abuse. >>> what would it take for 1500 people from ar
, the u.s., france, britain, germany, china, and russia all represented. negotiators keeping pretty tight lipped here, but they do acknowledge making some concessions and iran's chief nuclear negotiator is letting a couple of items slip, for example, take a listen to what he said when cnn asked whether negotiators want iran to shut down its uranium enrichment. >> our nuclear facilities are working under the supervision of the iaea. there is no -- to be shut down. they have paid attention to this point. therefore, it is considered from our point of view a positive step. >> iran says it is enriching uranium for quote/unquote peaceful needs. >>> want to go to mars? it could happen, maybe in 2018. that is when a nonprofit group headed by this millionaire, and also the first space tourist, dennis tito, hopes to launch a spacecraft carrying two people, he wants them to be married, to fly by the red planet. he announced the proposed mission just this afternoon. >> again, it is uses low earth orbit architecture. and we just adapt it to a -- in effect, a very large earth orbit that leaves earth an
of countries, turkey, china, cuba, among others, who said you couldn't even do this original trademark. why? >> that's correct. there is a variety of roles and different countries handle it differently. but primarily the issue is that you don't want to basically allow anything that's immoral or scandalous is the words that are used in the law. and different countries have different views as to what immoral or scandalous might be. and for example, britain just determined that the word jesus was effectively -- it shouldn't be trademarked. it was immoral to have a major christian figure be on a trademark. the united states and the european union felt differently. and it's a classic example of different viewpoints from different countries. >> gretchen: i guess arthur, one of the things that they feared would be advertisements like this for women in skimpy denim under the slogan, he who loves me follows me. you got a problem with that? >> the slogan is catchy, but do i think it should be attached to the name jesus? no, i don't. look, the trademark laws are actually there to protect the consumer.
of what's going on in this industry? >> eventually you will want china to own all our airports. we are not selling. mr. kendig, do you plan to keep mr. johnson at -- he will continue to work for the merged airline? >> yeah. 's that i don't know. you want to work at the new airline? >> i absolutely do. >> good, because i don't want to waste ribs on him. >> elvis didn't leave memphis. there will be plenty of people still going to. >> the ceo -- >> we will leave this program to go live to the floor of the u.s. senate. senators gavel in for a period of morning business. later today they may move to the nomination of jack lew to be the next treasury secretary. reports also indicate that lawmakers are working off the floor in an agreement to consider a pair of supposed replacement measures. one from democrats and one from republicans. and, of course, those automatic spending cuts are set to go into effect this coming friday. this is live coverage of the u.s. senate here on c-span2. the presiding officer: the senate will come to order. today's prayer will be offered by reverend ronald l d
grants to foreign countries, including china, at the expense of $100 million over the last decade? why does the i.r.s. need a tv studio that costs $4 million a year? and why are we paying senior citizens to play video games so we can study the impact on their brains? now, i understand these three examples don't equal $85 billion of sequester cuts, but these are just three examples of the waste and this is crazy. washington must do better because the american people deserve better. they deserve a federal government focused on balancing its budget, reducing its spending, paying off its debt, honoring its commitments to seniors and making sure our younger generations can actually live the american dream. mr. president, let's stop the square tactics and let's get to work. mr. speaker, i yield back the balance of my time. thank you very much. mr. westmoreland: i want to thank the gentleman for participating. next i want to introduce another one of our bright young freshmen, mr. valadao from california, the 21st district, a dairy farmer, the son of portuguese immigrants that has come here, h
that's happening with our competitors. in singapore, in south korea, in china, in india. as the president talked about in his state of the union we want to invest much more in education. we want a lot more children having a chance to have high quality early childhood experience. we want to make sure we can drive up graduation rates and make sure high school is relevant and drive down dropout rates and make sure our young people are college and career ready. the president's 2020 goal to lead the world in college graduation rates, to do that we need to make sure folks have access and college is affordable. so for us to be thinking about taking steps backwards in all of these areas, because folks in washington can't get their act together and a level of dysfunction in congress, it's unimaginable to me. i can't tell you how troubling that is to me and frankly how angry it makes me feel. as a nation we're starting, you know, economy's coming back a little bit. in my world, graduation rates are up a little bit. but again we're nowhere near where we need to be. we need to be bu
. unlike the issue titanic, this ship was being built in china, not in belfast, ireland. a sign of the times says palmer and a chance to unit people from all over the world. this guy thinks big. >> stephanie gosk, thank you very much. on scientific poll, how many of us would go on voyage on the next titanic? >> i see where in the world. >> you make it to england, send us a postcard. >> it's amazing how much smaller this is going to be compared to the other ships that are out there right now. >> the size of a pontoon boat. >> lot more life jackets and lifeboats on board this one. >>> coming up, we've got a great story. a modern day treasure hunt. why one man decided to give away a vast fortune by burying it for you and others to find. >>> also ahead, new controversy this morning surrounding marissa mayer's decision to ban yahoo! employees from working >> announcer: "today in the bay" weather is sponsored by bank of the west. >>> coming up from here at the vatican, a look icastel ga [ male announcer ] these heads belong to those who can't put life on hold because of a migraine. so
in china, but they are made out of cattails. >> these pieces of here, you have a whale head and various animals and their health over there, and they are jewelry. >> we do fund raisers for nonprofits, so we are doing a project for the magic theater, so there are some pretty funny cartoons. they are probably not for prime time. >> you sort of have a kind of holistic relationship where you might do merchandise in the store that promotes their work and practice, and also, prince for them. maybe we should go back and look at the print operation now. >> let's go. >> before we go into the print shop, i noticed some incredible items you have talked back here. what are we standing in front of? >> this is william wiley, only one earth. this is a print edition. there are only eight total, and what we wanted to do was expand the idea of printmaking. this is really an art object. there we go. >> besides the punball machine, what do you produce in limited edition? >> there is the slot machine. if you win the super jackpot, you have saved the world. >> what about work? >> the right design, it was thr
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